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Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Mom Adventure: The Last of the Fales (Written 5/11/07)

We woke up this morning at about 7am and I believe we both had the best sleep at a fale at Falealupo – it didn't rain and the waves weren't too loud. Our breakfast consisted of papya, crackers and vi (which is like a lemon) so it wasn't the best breakfast but it got the job done. We said our goodbyes to the end of the world and began our journey to the last fale of our trip.

Today started out better then yesterday because the sun was fully out and the weather was warm – once again it felt like we were on a tropical island. The drive along the southern coast of Savaii was nice and relaxing – the highlight of the drive was taking a picture of "Lover's Leap" which is a cliff face on the southwestern portion of Savaii. Before heading to the next beach fale, we decided to head to Taga (Tonga) where the Alofaaga Blowholes are located. 

This was my first time visiting the blowholes, so I was really looking forward to a good show. This site visit required a $5 tala per person entry fee and then we had to drive along a dirt track in order to actually get to the blowhole section. When we got to the area where the blowholes were, the scenery was nice but the blowholes weren't blowing. We later found out the best time to see the blowholes is during high tide/afternoon time – the morning time (i.e. the time we were there) is not a good time. Now it would have been nice to be told this BEFORE paying our $5 tala but I guess helpful information doesn't come with the entrance fee. We did see some of the blowholes blowing off in the distance, but none up close. After leaving the blowholes disappointed, we head to our last beach fale – Satuiatua Beach Fales.

I have been at this beach fale twice before – once on my bike trip around Savaii and again for our (Group 75) midservice conference. It's a very nice fale and one of the only ones located on the southern half of Savaii. Even though it's Friday, we were still the only guests at this beach fale. One of the first things that mom noticed when we saw the fales is that they actually have beds at this beach fale (no more sleeping on the ground) which will make for a more comfortable sleep. Our trip to the blowholes demonstrated the energy zapping power of the tropical sun and one of the first things we did when we arrived at the fales was take a nap. 

After the nap, we had lunch and mom went shell hunting while I took my requisite dip into the ocean (I think I get my affinity for water from my dad). The cool thing about some of the fish at this spot is that they are not all afraid of you – as long as you're not splashing around. With my snorkeling gear on, I was able to swim just inches away from some of the fish – usually once they see you, they shoot away, but not this time. It was a pretty sweet experience. So far my 3rd trip to Satuiatua Fales, I have to say it hasn't disappointed me yet. Now hopefully the dinner is not only good but also on-time! Here's hoping!

Addendum: For awhile we were the only folks staying at Satuiatua, but as dinner time approached this place became very busy. Two Australian surfers decided to stay the night and to show how small this island is – not only were these guys on the same boat that mom and I cam over to Savaii on but they have also stayed at Maninoa Surf Camp – where Tim (an Australian surfer I know who attends Peace Chapel) works. Everyone's connected in this country! Anyway, at 7pm we went to have dinner and I would have to say this place has the best tasting food we have had at a beach fale. Mom and I had some version of the fish and both were extremely good. While it wasn't all you can eat like at Taufua, what they served you was filling. So we started this beach fale tour with a good fale and we ended it with a good fale. I love it when a plan comes together! <places cigar in mouth>

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