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Sunday, February 19, 2006

2006 Samoan School Schedule

Well now that the school term is finally in full swing, one of the things that has finally been revealed is the school schedule for this year. It’s important for us teachers because it tells when we finally get a break from the grind of lesson planning and lecturing, but for people back home it’s a good way of knowing when a good time to visit is. Now this is the schedule as released by the Department of Education which most schools follow but there are exceptions.

1st Term: Feb 6 – May 19 (15 Weeks)
School Break: May 20 – June 4 (2 Weeks)
Public Holidays:
     Good Friday: April 14
     Easter Monday: April 17
     ANZAC Day: April 25
     Mother’s Day (Observed): May 15
     Samoan Independence Day: June 1

2nd Term: June 5 – September 1 (13 Weeks)
School Break: September 2 – September 17 (2 Weeks)
Public Holidays:
     Father’s Day (Observed): August 14

3rd Term: September 18 – December 8
School Break: December 9 – January 28, 2007 (7 Weeks)
Public Holidays:
     White Sunday (Observed): October 9
     Arbor Day: November 3
     Xmas Day: December 25
     Boxing Day: December 26

School Resumes: January 29, 2007

So there you go. For all the people who want attempt to make a visit to Samoa this year you now know when most of the teachers are free. L8r.

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