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Monday, January 14, 2008

Peace Corps Wiki

Well there might be a few curious souls still out there that read this blog and I wanted to give you something for the New Year. Yes, I know I have one more blog post to do which talks about my readjustment back to America - but I thought I would give myself a full month to reintegrate before talking about things....so it's coming. In the meanwhile, I wanted to share a website with you.

A Wiki - for those who don't know - is kind of like a specialized encyclopedia on a certain subject. But instead of being built from one primary source (like an Encyclopedia Britannica or something like that) a Wiki is created by various people who have knowledge on the subject. While that means a Wiki isn't as authoritative, it's usually more up to date.

So I ran across a Peace Corps Wiki which gives information about current Peace Corps programs around the world and other Peace Corps related facts:


To see what South Pacific Islands the Peace Corps has been at in the past and are currently serving in:


And to find out information on the Peace Corps Samoa program:



1 comment:

Scott said...

Glad you found the wiki, we could use all the help we can get. I'm one of the admins for the website, spread the word. Thanks!

- Scott
RPCV Guyana
03 - 05