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Sunday, April 01, 2007

After much consideration...

...I have decided that it's time that I closed this blog. I mean there's really not alot to talk about and keeping up with this thing is more hassle then it worth sometimes. Seriously, alot of hours go into uploading the pictures and then coming up with something creative to write - it's a bit taxing on the nerves. Add to that the fact that everyone seems to want a piece of my time here in Samoa and something has to give - so this is the end of the blog. Hope you've enjoyed it and if you want to keep up with my latest adventures, all you have to do is email me. In fact that'll probably rejuvenate me just a bit because it's a little more personal and not as 'anonymous' as this blog sometimes feels.

Alright, that's it....see ya l8r!

....April Fool's! While I'm not done with this blog yet, I am done uploading pictures into the Volunteer Life album. Enjoy that - and you can breath now. ;)

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