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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Where in New Zealand is Marques?

Well friends this is just a quick update to let you know where I am on our journey in New Zealand. After leaving Auckland on Tuesday, we are now located at Tongariro National Park and about to do a world famous crossing tomorrow morning. It will probably be the hardest and coolest thing we've done so far in NZ. But the best part of being in the park so far - my room is looking directly across at Mount Doom! That's right, I'm looking at the mountain that was used in the Lord of the Rings Movies! Ahhhh....makes it all worthwhile. I'll probably do another quick update when we get to Wellington and we're finally done with the North Island. L8r kids.

And I hope everyone had a great New Years! Enjoy 2007 - the end is near....my precious.

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