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Monday, September 18, 2006

Third and Short (Written 9/18/06)

The third and final term of school officially kicked off today and as I sit back and type this, I have to admit a lot has happened between terms – let's review shall we:

-    I set up 4 computers in a side room of the school that was not being used. This will now be the "Teachers Lab" where they can come and write papers/tests without having to use the student lab. This will be a relief to the secretary – who won't have to type a lot of the exams and the teachers who are now able to use more then the one computer which was in the main hall area. This will also be a relief to me because I shouldn't have to keep the student labs open once I leave in the afternoon – the teachers can just use their own lab now.

 -           The computer labs have finally been set into their correct order, meaning the 1st lab is for the senior students (year 12 and 13) and labs 2 and 3 are for the junior students (Year 9 – 11)

 -           A lot of the new volunteers came in during the Teuila festival, so that was nice to see them after they had been in the village for a few weeks.

 -           I found out that one of my Year 12 students works at the internet cafĂ© where I use to send emails and blog updates from during training. It was a great joy to me to see one of my students actually working in a computer related job – her name is Mary Agnes Masoe.

 -           Josh and I finally got our tickets for New Zealand. We'll be leaving December 26 and returning January 20 (that's right, 3 weeks of silence –it'll be like training all over again)

Just a few of the things that have occurred over the two weeks and now we are officially in the home stretch. This term is only about 15 weeks of school time but there will be two exams during that time (a school exam and a national exam) plus my students have one more Internal Assessment (IA i.e. In-Class project) to do before the end of the term. So this term will go by very quickly which should be a lot of fun! Today was the first day back and while a couple of my students didn't show up it was really nice to see the students again – it was probably the most comfortable "opening day" I've had this year, must be getting use to this teacher deal. Also during this term, we will be welcoming Group 77 to the PC Samoa family (arriving Oct 11) and celebrating Group 75s one year anniversary. The best part about this third term is that since there's not a lot of actual teaching going – it's more reviewing for tests – I can be involved in the training for Group 77 which should be a lot of fun, just looking back on where I was a year ago.

So what was I doing this time last year, you may ask. I remember it quite clearly because of Monday Night Football (if you hadn't caught it, the name of the post is also a football term). I was in South Dakota with my dad and grandpa in Black Hills, South Dakota and we were on our way to see Mount Rushmore. This Monday night game took place during Week 2 and was between the Cowboys and the Redskins in which the Redskins were down 13-0 with like 3 minutes left to play and the Redskins were able to score twice on two long bombs to Santana Moss to win the game. It was a memorable trip and a memorable game – my how things change in a year. L8r.

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