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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas (Written 12/25/05)

While I can't be home for Christmas, I thought I would finally share some of my favorite pics from training. So definately enjoy this gift from me to you - I'll continue to work on getting more pics up as soon as I can. Merry Christmas!

Underwater Coral

Group 75 in front of Church

The Mountain and the Moon

Josh and I

It's Official

The Peninsula View

Looks like a postcard

Group 75 at the Papapapa-ti Waterfall

Sunset View from the Yacht Club

The Ava Ceremony

Bob, Ryan, Me and Sara at Julya's Bday Party

Me on the shores of Savaii

A Savaii Sunrise (Upolu is the island in the background)

Where we spent Thanksgiving

The river that runs through Falevao

Coolest Falevao sunset ever!

Falevao at Night

The Samoan flag and Savaii in the background

You want me to cut you?

Tusia helping me weave a basket

Where we spent Thanksgiving

Diane and I at Poutasi (The Village for our Drop Off)

Satuala at his prizegiving

John in the role of his life

Julya and Bob in deep thought

Isaia and I

The Fab Four (at Amaile)

Bob jamming at the Village FiaFia

The Samoan Aiga

Melina did this EVERY night

Getting help from Onafia


Isaia, Me, Lima and Taeao at Swearing-In Ceremony

Also, here is the complete 12 days of homestay song:
On the 12th day of homestay, my family gave to me
Sefulu Lua i’a
Sefulu Tasi taro
Sefulu pulatasi
Iva palusami
Valu fasimoli
Fitu Mamoe
Ono sa’evae
Lima Vailima
Fa ula vai
Tolu ofu tino
Lua lavalava
And pea soupo ma le mulipipi


Mom said...

Thank you for the Christmas gift.

Dunzo said...

What beautiful pictures! The natural beauty of Samoa is awesome. Have fun!!!